Office Pranks
Site Switcheroo

Making different sites appear when your coworker tries to pull them up.
This prank requires a little "hacking" into your coworker's computer so you'll have to have temporary access to the computer to pull it off.

Step 1: Open the "hosts" file on your coworker's computer. Do a Google search for where it's located for the particular operating system you're working with. It's normally something like "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc".

Step 2: Pick some websites you want to "replace" on your victim's computer. For isntance, if you want to go to a job search site for instance, you'll need to find out the new website's IP address. To do this, open up the computer's command prompt "click start -> run -> cmd" and then type "ping". The computer should then give you back an IP address.

Step 3: Put that new IP address into the hosts file for the website you want to mess with. For example " [tab]" will replace with whenever your coworker goes to

Result: Now whenever your coworker goes to any website that you replaced, they will get your version of that website instead. By putting embarassing websites such as job search sites or wierd image sites, your coworker will probably think they have some sort of virus or something.
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